apart. b1


Interior design


70 m2


The core concept can be succinctly described
as "volume within volume."
The color scheme serves to delineate zones and shape spatial perception. Upon entering the apartment, you step into a black cube, within which the white living area, featuring contrasting elements like the kitchen, island, and breakfast nook, appears even more expansive.
The entire apartment features parquet flooring, while the walls are painted in pristine white, resembling a blank canvas.
The bedroom, on the other hand, stands out with a richer and more intricate shade of beige, with the color emphasized at the headboard. In the entrance hall, balcony, and guest bathroom, finely crafted small-format tiles have been meticulously incorporated.
The project seamlessly integrates both budget-friendly furnishings and iconic design elements. In our approach, the project budget is always predetermined, allowing us to strike a harmonious balance between accessible yet distinctive choices and more luxurious, iconic selections.

For instance, we innovatively assembled a non-standard configuration using IKEA kitchen components. Simultaneously, we elevated the kitchen's aesthetics by incorporating a backsplash with a shelf and finishing the island with luxurious Indian granite.