apart. p4


Interior design


105 square meters


A space designed for creative evenings, reading sessions, theatrical performances, movie screenings, and various other gatherings among friends.
As a devoted admirer of "Richter," the owner requested the styling of several rooms to capture the essence of their favorite hotel's aesthetics.
The apartment presented a challenge due to its intricate layout and deteriorated structural elements. After thoughtful redesign, it gained a guest bathroom, a separate bathroom with a striking red glass partition, and a hidden office area accessible through a secret door within a wardrobe.

The interior showcases a sophisticated blend of contrasting red and blue elements, with the living room curtains made from light-filtering felt fabric adorned with delicate embroidery.

The designers, Tatiana and Serdar, utilized wood for the flooring, collaborating with artisans to create a distinctive pattern of wear and paint, adding character and allowing the apartment to gracefully age over time.