apart. p6


Interior design


105 m2


In an old building, there are always peculiarities to consider. To understand the extent of intervention required, a thorough inspection is necessary. In this project, we retained the original layout almost entirely, only merging the toilet and shower, adding storage spaces, and replacing plastic windows with wooden ones.
"The coherence effect helps to perceive spaces as cohesive, making the home resemble a box, and creating a sense of security."
Bedroom: Featuring an Ivano Redaelli bed, a Zanotta stool, a Dovlet House carpet, and an exquisite Ilo lamp designed by David Lopez Quincoces for Oluce.

The bed is adorned with luxurious linens from Marki Home, complemented by a stylish Gt-Design bedspread. Elegant curtains from The Dot Home add a touch of sophistication to the space. And, proudly displayed on the wall, is an artwork by Vadim Mikhailov, sourced from the esteemed Myth gallery.
Within a 105 square meter area, there are three bedrooms, a combined living and dining room, and a bathroom. Decorative plaster harmonizes with the texture of wood and natural stone, while the soft beige-gray-green shades are accentuated by the color copper. The selection of furnishings was driven by an understanding of different life scenarios - cozy evenings spent reading by the fireplace, meals with family or friends. The primary bedroom can also double as a workspace: the wide and tactilely pleasing countertop extends from the windowsill and was designed for the project by Denis Milovanov.