Cafe Fo_Fa


Restaurant design


90 m2


Fo-Fa," a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, is situated within the "Usachevsky Market." Its design was created by the in-house team of the "Coffeemania" company, co-founded by the creators of "Fo-Fa.
When property owners are reluctant to incur losses during restaurant renovations, they seek professionals who can not only revamp the interior cost-effectively, elevating it from the realm of "not so attractive, but the food is good," to a category of "trendy, modern, and stylish, a must-visit spot." They also look for those capable of performing the seemingly impossible task - completing this transformation within a mere two weeks.

"We decided to let our imagination roam freely about Vietnam, unveiling fresh dimensions of this enchanting nation. A modest restaurant redesign prompted a complete transformation of its aesthetic concept. We've mythologized history, envisioning an Asian country that ventured down the Western path of progress, yet never lost its distinctive essence and vibrant charm. Cyberpunk elements harmoniously merge with the tapestry of Vietnamese pop culture, casting a neon-lit urban sheen over the rustic aesthetics of Northern Vietnam."