Hotel richter
Furniture & Fixture
Furniture Collection I. - Chamber, Chapter, Grange
Production: Roll & Hill
Designed with: Taavo Somer
Retail: Roll & Hill
Made in Grand Rapids, MI
The name finds its origins in the location: the mansion dating back to the 1820s is often associated with the architect Fedor Richter, though it remains uncertain whether he was the actual author; nevertheless, the building carries his name. While a substantial team collaborated on the project, the three primary contributors were Anastasia Efimova, the visionary behind the concept, along with architect Arthur Makarov and designer Serdar Yanikov.
Within the interiors, a harmonious blend of the old and the new is evident. The authors of the project have meticulously preserved all elements that were in good condition.
Parquet floors, ornate plasterwork, stoves, windows, doors, and even locks matching historical styles were meticulously restored. In one of the rooms, three untouched windows were intentionally retained to allow visitors to experience the contrast between the "before" and "after."
The mansion's rich historical layers, accumulated over the decades, were conscientiously conserved. An illustrative instance is the area surrounding the staircase. The metal structure, imported from Belgium, dates back to the early 20th century, while the wall frescoes are from the early '90s, and the marble flooring is a product of the '80s.
Together, these elements create a captivating temporal tableau, offering a unique perspective on the passage
of time. The furnishings are equally multifaceted, encompassing contemporary design, vintage pieces,
and antiques.