Project “G”
Architecture & Interior Design
30 m2
The core concept can be succinctly described
as "volume within volume."
Before the kitchen-dining room renovation, it was an unorganized and poorly thought-out space. The refrigerators were located in an adjacent room, there was no proper dining table for the large family, and the modest kitchen set on which the hostess cooked for the entire family - her four sons and her husband - was cluttered with utensils and groceries. The household appliances also struggled to handle the high load.
Without altering the layout, we created an interior that fully met the clients' wishes: a quiet, peaceful design; natural materials; a functional space equipped with high-quality ASKO appliances and plenty of storage options in the kitchen. We installed a large dining table in the dining room, where all the household members and guests could be comfortably accommodated. We divided the cooking area and the dining area into separate spaces in two different rooms.
The primary materials for the walls and ceiling comprise decorative plaster with a "Pelle di luna" finish. In the dining area, we utilized diffused lighting to achieve a maximally soft illumination. A downlight fixture positioned above the kitchen island served to accentuate and establish an ambiance of subdued evening light. Each of these fixtures is equipped with advanced dimming technology, which can be controlled with a simple touch of the hanging cord. This collection of String light fixtures, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, has garnered numerous prestigious awards. For functional lighting, we opted for architectural lighting from ARCOS. The lighting effectively accentuates the brickwork and the texture of the decorative plaster.